Sacrifice Win Violin. A true story from a great nation’s history. Part I

…long day, huge technical problems, but we have managed to put together a title, a picture and a song for our great story and we have most of the text.

Thanking you for all your patience as the story is assembled with great care and love, we are leaving you to admire in piece this magnificent picture my team has put in place, and we would like to hear, what do you think each element in the picture represents. The winner, much like our hero here, will be given a medal for al his hard work and dedication.

Just follow the blog, leaving thus, your email address and we’ll mail our small but beautiful hand-made gift to one lucky and inspiring reader.

We dedicate this post in the memory of one of our great grand fathers whose medal of honour inspired us every day since we saw it as children and now as adults. Also we are thanking him for his glorious efforts on the battlefields of late 1800 and love of country.

He shall never be forgotten.

The promised story will be here just in time for the event we had planed it, not far from now. Don’t panic.

Your devoted Coffeebooksong Studios founder,

Nicholas Merrynote


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Masli
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 09:31:14

    foarte frumos ! o initiativa frumoasa !


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