Be mine love

Hello there, how are you ?

This post was by far the most challenging one. We say we did it, but we’ll very much appreciate your comments on whether or not you felt the same way. Thank you.

At the same time, it’s the most special one, because we get to honor our very first story request! made by our dear friend Mihaela Cruceru, who trusted us to make her day and yours also, with this Saint Valentine’s post, and for pushing our imagination and team spirit to the limit.

As I gathered my incredible team around our small round studio table, we began one of the greatest brain storming sessions we have ever had, generated by a sound success, we sketched this special story as a one that has to deliver an insanely great card for this special event, a few pieces of advice gathered in years of “for better of worse”, and of course an amazing song that will lift your hearts to a better place, and dance around in each other’s arms the whole night, while great happiness and thankfulness for finding one another would put a special sparkle in your eyes.

…hmmmm…could it possibly get even better than this…we searched the answer a whole day…despite these great ideas, something was missing.

And then it struck us. How about delivering a song so great, so deep, so meaningful to your relationship, that will become your song!

Inserting this last element into our story sketch, we went straight to work. The effort was considerable.

After a wild search, we found this incredible picture in an old hard disk or ours, and we would very much like to give credit to this magnificent artist who made it, except that the picture is not signed and we have no clue where we got it from years ago.
So if you can help, please do by commenting on this post. Thank you.

So our first gift to you, our dear couple, are these fantastic necklaces with surreal colors, beautiful engravings and inspiring text.
Hope you love them.

two hearts

Next, we would like to congratulate you for finding your true love and just as a small reminder, never take each other’s trust, love and respect for granted. Earn it again and again and take each day spent with one another as if it was the last one.

Finally, the song choice was incredible hard, and it wasn’t a while ago since we find it, but we think it stands a good chance of becoming your song, the general idea of this post and a new Coffeebooksong Studios mile stone to be reached : offering the soundtrack to a love story.

It’s our honor to offer you this tune by two of the greatest song writers of all time, and one of them a living legend of folk music performing publicly for 53 years and releasing over 30 albums: Joan Baez and Mimi Baez( Joan’s sister) – Catch the wind.

Happy Valentine’s day !

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: The videos on this post are property of Joan Baez and her sister Mimì Baez. Picture property of unknown to us artist.


21 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Summer
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 02:02:52


    This is for your, for being kind for others and me,

    Sweet Valentine greetings, Summer


  2. A
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 12:53:08

    Eventhough I am not in a good mood for love, the post was really inspiring, great choice for the song and nice picture…a bit different and more interesting than the tipical Valentine’s “things”…nice:)


    • Nicholas Merrynote
      Feb 14, 2013 @ 13:18:08

      Dear A, you made our day and we are truly grateful for taking your time to read our story, even though not in the mood for it. You got the substance of the post, we wanted something totally different and inspiring, so we think that you are an artist too for figuring this out. Our kind usually has problems in finding true love,but we believe justice will always be done. Head’s up 🙂


  3. Anca
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 19:25:25

    This post made my day and gave me hope in finding true love :)I’m still smiling after I have read it :)Thank you and sincere congratulations! 😀


  4. tramedipensieri
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 22:13:09

    Ciao eccomi…purtroppo io non parlo e scrive in inglese…e tradurre tutto il post mi viene difficile…
    Ottima musica! 🙂
    buona serata


  5. Nicholas Merrynote
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 23:46:54

    Ciao Marta, grazie mille per il seguito e per il tuo commento. Ci dispiace che non parliamo italiano anche, ma spero sia di noi può mettere Google translate a buon uso. Se non si riesce a capire il nostro messaggio, perché è in inglese, vi suggerisco di utilizzare questo strumento per tradurre il nostro messaggio nella tua lingua madre. Ho provato un secondo un ottenuto e fa il lavoro. Si prega di tornare presto, e tenere ispirarci con grandi messaggi. Avete tutto il nostro amore. Cordiali saluti,


  6. tuttacronaca
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 13:32:26

    I like this post: reflects the meaning of love, not just words, but all the senses: sound, sight, touch, smell and taste … those there puts the pair. I think love is like this: a whole, created and shared by two people!


  7. Pandora
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 08:59:41

    Bellissima canzone e gli intenti perfetti!


    • Nicholas Merrynote
      Feb 22, 2013 @ 09:33:26

      Caro Pan, siamo entusiasti del fatto che ti è piaciuto il nostro racconto de idea dietro. Spero che ti ha ispirato a creare qualcosa di ancora più stimolante. Si prega di tornare presto e fateci sapere le vostre pensieri e fare critiche construcitve, è molto importante per noi. Gentile riguarda,


  8. Monique
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 20:10:08

    Hello! A very romantic story! The love is always source of inspiration and ago well to the heart. We must have some cures.


  9. Flo
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 12:50:32

    The song you picked brought a sparkle to my eyes and was like a breath of fresh wind. Very touching and profoung lyrics. Combined with the necklace is a perfect gift for the special person in one’s life.


    • Nicholas Merrynote
      Mar 03, 2013 @ 13:02:36

      Dear Flo, we were hoping for such a comment, but now when I see it in front of my eyes, I can’t believe it. Thank you for taking your time to read, to be so receptive to our hard work and to write such an inspiring comment. Kindest regards,


  10. creativeliz
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 21:40:49

    I love this post – you’ve captured the rush of romance beautifully. The song choice is great – it’s reassuring to hear how other musicians can express what we might struggle with, and I’ll have to check out more of Joan Baez’s work after this – and the necklaces are so pretty.


    • Nicholas Merrynote
      Mar 03, 2013 @ 21:49:21

      Thank you so much Elisabeth…thank you for the follow, for taking your time to read our story and for letting us know what beautiful, sensible and inspiring thoughts you have for us. More than anything we are just trilled you could discover a new incredible musician like Joan Baez and that our song choice made you want to check out more of her work. See you soon. Kindest regards,


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