The N.Merrynote 4A competition. Be an inspiration.

Hello there.

Boy do we have some news!

Still working on the incredible story we promised, we wanted to show you a video that we think it can change the world for the better, and the song couldn’t be a perfect fit for everything we belive in this world.

After watching this video, we realized that stories like this need to be even more promoted and so we thought of a great idea.

How about having a competition of inspiring true stories you where the people of your community, including you, stood up for a neighbour, and helped this sir or madam to overcome his or her struggle!

No talent is required to submit a story for this competition, as we will transform your work into a one of a kind Coffeebooksong masterpiece!

So, the rules for the N.Merrynote 4A competition are the following:

1. The story’s text has to be in English or Romanian, so that we can perfectly understand what happened.

2. You have to send us at least a page of text, including the facts and figures as best you can.

3. At least a picture taken during the event to prove it really happened.

4. A few song suggestions would make us realize what you felt during this process, and as usual we want them to be happy and with a positive message. In the end we will pick just one song.

5. The email address where you can send us your work is , thus making me the owner of the content you sent.

6. The story with the most potential will be declared the winner in a special post that will explain the reasons behind our decision.

7. When we would have a final form of the story we will sent you a copy of it, so that it will be as close as what happened and what you felt. In case you are not happy with the result we will edit the story again, going again through this loop no more than three times.

At each iteration, we will wait three days your written approval to publish the story. If we don’t get a reply during this time frame, we will publish it.

8. At the end of this great collaboration you will :

a. receive a special gift from us.

b. you will me mentioned in the contributor’s list to the story.

c. we will display a link to a project you are supporting, for a week. The link will be displayed next to your name in the above mentioned list.

Of course the project has to be something that the Coffeebooksong Studios can relate to in terms of values and goals.

9. Same rules as above are applied if you send us a video, but since we can’t edit it, you will have to get it right the first time, and we are offering a two-week link display of the project you want to support.

We are so excited about this competition and we can’t wait to read your stories and work together on the next big thing that will inspire many people!

Last but not least, our values are stated right here and we thank you in advance for helping us show the world that together, united and compassionate we can accomplish so much more.

Kindest regards,
Nicholas Merrynote
Founder and CEO of Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: TA series of video clips taken from various sources to depict Noah and the Whale’s “Give a Little Love.”.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. motioners
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 01:38:01

    Very inspirational. I see society behaving this way today, however, we do not have a video of ourselves to reinforce our actions. We simply have to believe and trust. Great blog. Thanks so much. bill


    • Nicholas Merrynote
      Mar 15, 2013 @ 20:37:41

      You are in the right society then 🙂 I’m very happy for you. We don’t need a video, just send us your story with at least a photo taken from that event. We would love to work together with such talented people like you and your family. Thank you for your comment. Kindest regards,


  2. A
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 14:41:25

    The short movie is really inspiring…I loved it…however, it seems a bit difficult to prove in pictures/videos that these small gestures often happen between people..sometimes, it is even hard to notice them in the rush and to tell the truth, also appreciating them started to be a problem in the busy life…but for sure, if you keep going, taking events in turns with bad and good while giving love, you will eventually receive love back…so there is always hope :)…thank you for underlining that with your post and optimist atmosphere:)…I also hope that you will receive inspiring feedback stories back:)….


    • Nicholas Merrynote
      Mar 13, 2013 @ 16:26:54

      Hey A, as always you totally understood our point of view, which makes all our efforts worth while. Your right with everything, and it’s not the fall, it’s what do you do to get up. So please pass our post to as many people as you can, so that we can bring even more hope and inspire together. More than ever the world needs inspiring happy stories. Thank you for making our day, yet again, and for sharing your thoughts with us. Kindest regards,


  3. violetski
    Mar 19, 2013 @ 14:56:54

    I love this video and wish it really happens all around the world . Wish all around the world love and peace❤


    • Nicholas Merrynote
      Mar 19, 2013 @ 15:10:30

      Thank you so much, hope it inspired you. We wish it things like this to happen more frequently now 🙂 that we have posted this video. Maybe you have a story to enter our competition or a sketch on this theme. We would love to work with such a talented artist like you. Kindest regards,


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