22 Nov. 2012 ~ 22 Nov. 2013 Coffeebooksong Studios celebrates it’s 1st anniversary

Hello ! How are you ?

Well, it’s our birthday, and we can barely hold our excitement.

Last year on 22 November 2012 I started Coffeebooksong Studios to offer a place of deep happiness, where people can find love, peace, hope and inspiration to change the world.

My team and I worked very hard to deliver just this, with every story.

Twelve months, an average of 5 “Excellent” grades per story, hundreds of shares on Facebook and Twitter, incredibly positive reader feedback and a solid subscriber base later, Coffeebooksong Studios is ever more determined to continue its mission and help build a better world through its strong values and proven success.

On this very special day, my artists and I would like to send a special thanks to the people who belied in our vision for all this time.

Your love, care, valuable and cherished feedback, made us every time, truly happy, as for your subscriptions they gave us the strength to create the amazing things we’ve been talking about, in our case, the stories.

Please keep sending this feedback as often as you can, honest and critique-constructive.
It’s the best gift we can ever receive from anyone.

Speaking of gifts, we created something for you just as special,not to mention cool : a Big treasure hunt game !

So yes! you’re going to have a blast with your friends or family, yes! you’ll use your smarts and curiosity more than ever and yes! you’re going to win our amazing prizes !

First, click on the image below, ( if it’s not using all of your screen space, click again on the picture ) , use right-click, choose -> “Save as…” from the menu, select a folder from your local machine, and click “Save”.

Now go to this folder, open the picture and zoom in as much as you need to see the instructions well enough.

Read and follow them carefully, figure out each of the symbols, solve the riddle and mail us your result at nmerrynote@gmail.com .

The best 3 answers, even if they are not 100% correct , will receive a beautiful, personal, hand-made gift from Coffeebooksong Studios. We’ll handle the delivery charges too.

There’s one more thing.

I was wondering… do you like jazz ? …

See you soon,

Nicholas G. Merrynote
Founder and CEO of Coffeebooksong Studios


This is not a Disclaimer, it’s a COPYRIGHT :

1. The story text is Coffeebooksong Studios property. All rights reserved.

2. The picture in this story can be downloaded free of charge, but you are not allowed to distribute it to people. Give them this posts’ link instead.
Also you are not allowed to claim designer rights for this picture.

3. Thank you for your understanding.

Click this link to comment and share our work, we really care what you think.


Be mine love

Hello there, how are you ?

This post was by far the most challenging one. We say we did it, but we’ll very much appreciate your comments on whether or not you felt the same way. Thank you.

At the same time, it’s the most special one, because we get to honor our very first story request! made by our dear friend Mihaela Cruceru, who trusted us to make her day and yours also, with this Saint Valentine’s post, and for pushing our imagination and team spirit to the limit.

As I gathered my incredible team around our small round studio table, we began one of the greatest brain storming sessions we have ever had, generated by a sound success, we sketched this special story as a one that has to deliver an insanely great card for this special event, a few pieces of advice gathered in years of “for better of worse”, and of course an amazing song that will lift your hearts to a better place, and dance around in each other’s arms the whole night, while great happiness and thankfulness for finding one another would put a special sparkle in your eyes.

…hmmmm…could it possibly get even better than this…we searched the answer a whole day…despite these great ideas, something was missing.

And then it struck us. How about delivering a song so great, so deep, so meaningful to your relationship, that will become your song!

Inserting this last element into our story sketch, we went straight to work. The effort was considerable.

After a wild search, we found this incredible picture in an old hard disk or ours, and we would very much like to give credit to this magnificent artist who made it, except that the picture is not signed and we have no clue where we got it from years ago.
So if you can help, please do by commenting on this post. Thank you.

So our first gift to you, our dear couple, are these fantastic necklaces with surreal colors, beautiful engravings and inspiring text.
Hope you love them.

two hearts

Next, we would like to congratulate you for finding your true love and just as a small reminder, never take each other’s trust, love and respect for granted. Earn it again and again and take each day spent with one another as if it was the last one.

Finally, the song choice was incredible hard, and it wasn’t a while ago since we find it, but we think it stands a good chance of becoming your song, the general idea of this post and a new Coffeebooksong Studios mile stone to be reached : offering the soundtrack to a love story.

It’s our honor to offer you this tune by two of the greatest song writers of all time, and one of them a living legend of folk music performing publicly for 53 years and releasing over 30 albums: Joan Baez and Mimi Baez( Joan’s sister) – Catch the wind.

Happy Valentine’s day !

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: The videos on this post are property of Joan Baez and her sister Mimì Baez. Picture property of unknown to us artist.

First month of an incredible journey

Hi, how’s everyone doing ?

As you can tell it’s our birthday.

Just a month ago we went on to inspire a whole world through art, excellence and generosity using nothing but our personal laptops, semi-pro tools and the will to gave it our best shot.

From the beginning we knew that this is our personal cause and we will always be determined to pass every obstacle so that many people can create amazing things, inspire in their turn and give back to others less fortunate.

We are extremely proud to say that our readers have responded to our cause, honoring us with comments such as

” Your blog inspired me to create one of my own.It gave me ideas that I never thought I could have. Thank you. ” – George ,

” Congratulations! We need people like you! ” – Eva ,

” Nicholas, I cannot express my deep gratitude for your blog. You made me see the world through the eyes of a true artist. I cannot believe it! I have seen the light shining down on this wonderful world. You are the most talented person I have ever met. Your impeccable English along with these very interesting stories are a killer combination. You are killing me. No, really, you are killing me. Love, Sam ” – Samantha Warden ,

” Nice idea, but most of all I love the elegant simplicity of the design of the site…in addition, the background picture makes all the difference! Congratulations! ” – Vlad
and the like.

More than we hoped for in the first month of activity, it gave us everything we needed to believe that we are doing the right thing, work even harder, train even harder, be even more careful to detail, even more responsible to our studio work.

For talking our time to read our stories, commenting rate or share them with your friends, making us truly happy but most of all saving our lives from our personal problems, the Coffeebooksong artists are talking a deep bow before you, our readers.

Besides the promise of inspiring you with every new story, we created a beautiful sketch as great appreciation for inspiring us each day for a month,
and of course, picked the best song that could go with our story.

We wanted the song to be delivered through a performance that can crate an atmosphere of celebration, to have an incredible happy tune, to be flamboyant, and to express how we feel every time we read your comments.

Making your hearts jump all the way to the Moon, Mars or to other planets, Sir Elton John will deliver a performance that made history yet again from Madison Square Garden in 2007.

All our love,
the Coffeebooksong artists

Disclaimer : Song and video material property of Sir Elton John

3 Updates and 1 Milestone passed

Hello !

Today we are talking about updates.

As we promised, there are no more horrible ads on our beautiful site. If you still meet any please let us know through a comment.

So let’s start the countdown. 5 4 3 2 1 fire !

Secondly we introduced a menu in the right hand side entitled “Post categories”.
As you can see it has links like “Inspiring stories”, “Studio milestones” and more will be added soon.
You can use this links to filter posts by the category they fill in, so for example if you click on “Inspiring stories” you will only see posts related to inspiring stories, or if you click on “Studio milestones”, you will only see posts that document our ascending to one of the most important creation studios in the world.
We hope it will save you a lot of time in finding exactly the content you want. Please let us know if we reached our goal, or how we can do it better.

Third, a new page is now present on our blog : “Inspiring gifts”.
We are working really hard on its content for a week now, but it’s coming out so well that we think it’s going to be a huge hit among our readers.
We just can’t wait to get it out !

Forth, the studio made it’s first money on 9th of December 2012 by offering it’s first guitar lesson to one dear reader, who, inspired by our great music posted on the blog, got in touch with us and asked if we can deliver beginner acoustic guitar lessons.
We said “You bet !”. He was very pleased and we are meeting again this week to do what we love : inspire through sound. “And it’s always good to do something you love.”

So if you need such service, or any other related to our work, let us know by commenting on this page.
We will pick the requests that we can fulfill to perfection, and we will get in touch with you shortly to offer a solution. Coffeebooksong way !

That’s all for now on updates : no more horrible ads, a more organised way of viewing posts, a page with soon to be released amazing content, first money made from selling guitar lessons and a way for you to request services related to our expertise.

“Ain’t that good news? Man ain’t that news!” – Sam Cooke.

Nicholas Merrynote
Founder of Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer : Picture property of theboken.com, video material property of Sam Cooke