Eurovision 2013 through Coffeebooksong eyes

Hello our darlings, how are you ?

We’re talking about a huge event in every nation’s history for many years now. The Eurovison !

With huge projects raising for and after the show, like ABBA for instance, it was one of the finest shows we had ever saw, much like The Voice in our modern days.

After a few years we realized that the winning songs were becoming more and more commercial, with less and less substance, stunning talent, and that warm deep joy that can reach all the way down to every molecule of your body and get you off your chair and dance.
Even more horrible, the neighbor countries were giving the 12 points to one another, or to countries that were once in the same area of influence as they were.
And so many of us stopped supporting such a defiance of common sense and respect for beauty, challenge and positive, meaningful messages.

As my aunt came this weekend, she insisted to see the final of Eurovision with my parents, and as the room where I gathered my artists to talk about this week’s post was close to the loud TV, we could hear some of the songs which made us deeply think about rewriting the post we had in mind for today.

After some debates, we decided to review and display five performances that can raise up to the Coffeebooksong Studios standards: a deep song, with a positive meaningful message, full of passion, delivered through a captivating, confident tone, completed by an amazing stage presence. And this is just the top of the list.

First, is our county’s participant, Cezar Oatu.

The amazing Romanian artist gave a smashing performance and yet again showcased a perfect example of pure talent, stage presence and acting, singing both as a tenor and a counter-tenor while his passion and dedication added even more charm to the song and to the overall performance.

And so, Coffeebooksong Studios would like to congratulate our artist for making us extremely proud of being Romanians and would like to offer him the “Coffeebooksong Studios Inspiring Person of the Year” award for exceptional displaying of Romanian talent, values and honor.

For all of you who don’t know Cezar Oatu’s insanely great work, we have the video for you from last night and we hope you love it, as much as we do:

The winner of this year’s competition, is a different story, and was called by our studio’s artists, the Beauty of Denmark.

Indeed Emmelie de Forest’s loveliness reminded us, of the kind of beauty, that would cause nations to go to war against one another for the Right to ask for her hand in marriage, her innocence would tame the most terrifying of the lost barbarian kings, and her voice could make the roses blossom in the hardest of winters.

In our opinion, however, the song choice was week, very “cold”, totally not suited for a girl who appeared so sensible, the act as a performer was almost non-existent, the message was simple and obvious, the song line was very predictable, we felt that she could have put more passion into the song, and that she could have given a lot more if she had a song that would have challenged more in terms of vocal technique and song line creativity.

So clearly we don’t agree at with the Eurovision fans and judges in making her the winner of this year’s competition, but we congratulate her for officially winning such an important competition so early in her career and for passing every obstacle this competition implied.

Going to the podium now, sparkling on our golden #3 place, it’s a song from a neighbor country of Romania, it’s … all in our next post.

See you real soon and don’t forget to rate, comment, share our work with your friends and family, and subscribe to our site to be notified when a new amazing story is uploaded !

As always, we kindly ask you to mail us at if you have a great collaboration in mind that would benefit both parties, tell us about an inspiring person that you know, or make a story request. We always reply back.

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: All the videos in this blog post are property of Eurovision TV.


Classic. Iconic. Brand new

For short, we have our hands so tight with different problems, that’s harder and harder to write the stories as good as we want them to be, and that implies a lot of time, that we just don’t have available now for this amazing project, and as honesty and close contact with our dear reads will always be part of the Coffeebooksong Studios values, we regret to inform you that our future stories will be as short as this, until things will be back on track for us.

Of all the things this incredible studio can produce, we decided to stick to music, as it is the thing we couldn’t live without, and apparently literature also, right ?
So beware of the insanely great tunes that are about to come up, as soon as we have a spare moment.
As always we would really appreciate a sincere, critique comment about our thoughts on it and if you loved the song.

The tune we have for today is so good, so different and so full of passion that even we had a hard time deciding if it actually comes from a person, let alone a beautiful child.

In just two minutes, she brought us joy, peace, hope and made the moments spent listening to her again and again, a blessing.

Be ready to rock your boots off as miss Harriet Whitehead will remake, a classic.

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: Video material property of BBC.

Coffeebooksong Inspiration of the Year Award. 1st winner!

two hearts

Hello there, how are you ?

Did you realize that the world stopped for nearly two minutes in late March this year?

Well it did, because Ash Morgan, the singer in the picture above, offered perhaps one of the greatest covers of “Never tear us apart” of all time, making live musical history!

And because it’s insanely great that someone with no musical training can make us burst into tears, noticing all his passion, energy, dedication to music and marvelous unique voice, we are honored to offer him the first Coffeebooksong Inspiration of the Year Award! Congratulations Ash! We can’t wait for the next performance and for your first album!

Wrapping everything up in our Studio’s traditional colors, light blue, golden ribbon, small brown gift card, we are offering this incredible story to our dear readers with the deepest respect and sympathy, hoping it will inspire you to take action and change everything for the better as Ash did.

You have plenty of potential to do this.

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: Video material property of BBC, picture property of

An eternal Inspiration. Crown Princess Margareta of Romania


Greetings our dear readers. How are you ?

Right now we are celebrating a great event here in Romania!

Today, 26 of March, our Crown Princess Margareta of Romania was born!

Indeed, it’s our great honor to send from the bottom of their hearts a wish of “Happy Birthday!” to Her Royal Highness, and express thoughts of good health, happiness and strength to carry on, in Her Royal Highness personal and professional life.

We thank her greatly for all the kindness, respect and impeccable service of country, Her Royal Highness has always shown, but most of all for being a role model for all of us, Romanians and people outside Romania.

Our gift is a song that we hope to inspire Your Highness to achieve all your goals for 2013, bring joy, and remember us.

We will always be at Your service Crown Princess Margareta, any time, any where, any place.

Our email address is

Your humble servants,
Coffeebooksong Studios artists

Disclaimer: The video on this post is property of Beat for beat TV show. Picture property of Petre Angelescu.

The N.Merrynote 4A competition. Be an inspiration.

Hello there.

Boy do we have some news!

Still working on the incredible story we promised, we wanted to show you a video that we think it can change the world for the better, and the song couldn’t be a perfect fit for everything we belive in this world.

After watching this video, we realized that stories like this need to be even more promoted and so we thought of a great idea.

How about having a competition of inspiring true stories you where the people of your community, including you, stood up for a neighbour, and helped this sir or madam to overcome his or her struggle!

No talent is required to submit a story for this competition, as we will transform your work into a one of a kind Coffeebooksong masterpiece!

So, the rules for the N.Merrynote 4A competition are the following:

1. The story’s text has to be in English or Romanian, so that we can perfectly understand what happened.

2. You have to send us at least a page of text, including the facts and figures as best you can.

3. At least a picture taken during the event to prove it really happened.

4. A few song suggestions would make us realize what you felt during this process, and as usual we want them to be happy and with a positive message. In the end we will pick just one song.

5. The email address where you can send us your work is , thus making me the owner of the content you sent.

6. The story with the most potential will be declared the winner in a special post that will explain the reasons behind our decision.

7. When we would have a final form of the story we will sent you a copy of it, so that it will be as close as what happened and what you felt. In case you are not happy with the result we will edit the story again, going again through this loop no more than three times.

At each iteration, we will wait three days your written approval to publish the story. If we don’t get a reply during this time frame, we will publish it.

8. At the end of this great collaboration you will :

a. receive a special gift from us.

b. you will me mentioned in the contributor’s list to the story.

c. we will display a link to a project you are supporting, for a week. The link will be displayed next to your name in the above mentioned list.

Of course the project has to be something that the Coffeebooksong Studios can relate to in terms of values and goals.

9. Same rules as above are applied if you send us a video, but since we can’t edit it, you will have to get it right the first time, and we are offering a two-week link display of the project you want to support.

We are so excited about this competition and we can’t wait to read your stories and work together on the next big thing that will inspire many people!

Last but not least, our values are stated right here and we thank you in advance for helping us show the world that together, united and compassionate we can accomplish so much more.

Kindest regards,
Nicholas Merrynote
Founder and CEO of Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: TA series of video clips taken from various sources to depict Noah and the Whale’s “Give a Little Love.”.

The song that could not be silenced

Hello there, how are you ?

We just stopped a second to say hi, thank you for the insanely great feedback we got for our last post and to inspire you again through a breath-taking performance of a song that requires the computer shut down to stop listening to it.

More than sure, you will not get enough of it too and other songs, this incredible band has to offer.

Please give a warm welcome to Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, the stars of Tedeschi Trucks band !

“Darling be home soon” and keep inspiring other people.

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: Music video by Tedeschi Trucks Band performing Darling Be Home Soon. (C) 2012 Sony Music Entertainment.

Be mine love

Hello there, how are you ?

This post was by far the most challenging one. We say we did it, but we’ll very much appreciate your comments on whether or not you felt the same way. Thank you.

At the same time, it’s the most special one, because we get to honor our very first story request! made by our dear friend Mihaela Cruceru, who trusted us to make her day and yours also, with this Saint Valentine’s post, and for pushing our imagination and team spirit to the limit.

As I gathered my incredible team around our small round studio table, we began one of the greatest brain storming sessions we have ever had, generated by a sound success, we sketched this special story as a one that has to deliver an insanely great card for this special event, a few pieces of advice gathered in years of “for better of worse”, and of course an amazing song that will lift your hearts to a better place, and dance around in each other’s arms the whole night, while great happiness and thankfulness for finding one another would put a special sparkle in your eyes.

…hmmmm…could it possibly get even better than this…we searched the answer a whole day…despite these great ideas, something was missing.

And then it struck us. How about delivering a song so great, so deep, so meaningful to your relationship, that will become your song!

Inserting this last element into our story sketch, we went straight to work. The effort was considerable.

After a wild search, we found this incredible picture in an old hard disk or ours, and we would very much like to give credit to this magnificent artist who made it, except that the picture is not signed and we have no clue where we got it from years ago.
So if you can help, please do by commenting on this post. Thank you.

So our first gift to you, our dear couple, are these fantastic necklaces with surreal colors, beautiful engravings and inspiring text.
Hope you love them.

two hearts

Next, we would like to congratulate you for finding your true love and just as a small reminder, never take each other’s trust, love and respect for granted. Earn it again and again and take each day spent with one another as if it was the last one.

Finally, the song choice was incredible hard, and it wasn’t a while ago since we find it, but we think it stands a good chance of becoming your song, the general idea of this post and a new Coffeebooksong Studios mile stone to be reached : offering the soundtrack to a love story.

It’s our honor to offer you this tune by two of the greatest song writers of all time, and one of them a living legend of folk music performing publicly for 53 years and releasing over 30 albums: Joan Baez and Mimi Baez( Joan’s sister) – Catch the wind.

Happy Valentine’s day !

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: The videos on this post are property of Joan Baez and her sister Mimì Baez. Picture property of unknown to us artist.

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