Enter a life-changing competition! Google Science Fair 2013

Hello there!

As we are developing the next big thing in our wonderful little studio, we stopped for a second to say a hi and to share with you some of the greatest news of 2013, if not the greatest.

You are given the privilege, yet again, to change everything! for the better, give hope and inspire a whole planet…what could be more exciting than this!

We believe, you could be the next game-changer that cold solve a problem that no one else can. You should too.

Of course we will enter with an amazing project about a new way to read books, because we’re crazy about technology, computer languages and science in general. More than everything we think reading can save one’s life.

Below are two projects that we thought were the most inspirational, to get you a head start, and a video about how to enter one of the most important competitions ever, for you and for the world.

Keep us posted with your inspiring projects, we know your work will make a difference,

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: The videos on this post are property of Google.

Britanny Weger offered a better way to diagnose breast cancer,

Jonah Kohn offered death people a better way to experience music,

here is your chance to offer a better tomorrow: