First month of an incredible journey

Hi, how’s everyone doing ?

As you can tell it’s our birthday.

Just a month ago we went on to inspire a whole world through art, excellence and generosity using nothing but our personal laptops, semi-pro tools and the will to gave it our best shot.

From the beginning we knew that this is our personal cause and we will always be determined to pass every obstacle so that many people can create amazing things, inspire in their turn and give back to others less fortunate.

We are extremely proud to say that our readers have responded to our cause, honoring us with comments such as

” Your blog inspired me to create one of my own.It gave me ideas that I never thought I could have. Thank you. ” – George ,

” Congratulations! We need people like you! ” – Eva ,

” Nicholas, I cannot express my deep gratitude for your blog. You made me see the world through the eyes of a true artist. I cannot believe it! I have seen the light shining down on this wonderful world. You are the most talented person I have ever met. Your impeccable English along with these very interesting stories are a killer combination. You are killing me. No, really, you are killing me. Love, Sam ” – Samantha Warden ,

” Nice idea, but most of all I love the elegant simplicity of the design of the site…in addition, the background picture makes all the difference! Congratulations! ” – Vlad
and the like.

More than we hoped for in the first month of activity, it gave us everything we needed to believe that we are doing the right thing, work even harder, train even harder, be even more careful to detail, even more responsible to our studio work.

For talking our time to read our stories, commenting rate or share them with your friends, making us truly happy but most of all saving our lives from our personal problems, the Coffeebooksong artists are talking a deep bow before you, our readers.

Besides the promise of inspiring you with every new story, we created a beautiful sketch as great appreciation for inspiring us each day for a month,
and of course, picked the best song that could go with our story.

We wanted the song to be delivered through a performance that can crate an atmosphere of celebration, to have an incredible happy tune, to be flamboyant, and to express how we feel every time we read your comments.

Making your hearts jump all the way to the Moon, Mars or to other planets, Sir Elton John will deliver a performance that made history yet again from Madison Square Garden in 2007.

All our love,
the Coffeebooksong artists

Disclaimer : Song and video material property of Sir Elton John


Changing winds

Hello there,

You did find the story ! Hope it didn’t get you too much time searching through all the envelopes for the right one.

So, welcome to the new location.

Why we had to move is a long story, but for short, the old location,, is as good as gone, and all our stories will be offered to you here.

It’s been an amazing week for us at the studio, we deeply appreciate the you great feedback, and we have an inspiring artist to talk about next.

We thought that this story was about her, but as the tables turned, it’s about our small, fun and creative studio and how he must respond to change. We re-branded our studio with the name Coffeebooksong Studios , got our laptops running, edged our pencils, turned the volume up to hear an inspiring  song, went to work, and never looked back on what happened.

And so, tonight the studio produced two great stories, and offered you again a great song that we couldn’t love more.

My dear reader I want you to join me and thank my team for carrying all their tasks to perfection.

Don’t forget to inspire others.

Your chief executive story architect,

Nicholas Merrynote