The 7th playlist – 8…15th May 2017

Hi there, yeah…. I know…. and I’m sorry.

I’m starting a new section in this blog, a music playlist to inspire you through the week, it’s the best I can do for now.

I noted a few words to go with all the songs, just like a few lines you write to your loved ones when you’re sending a postcard from a faraway place…

Please tell me what you think about them, rate this post by using this link, share, subscribe and come help me to work on this blog, so that together we can inspire people to do great things. I am sure we can come to some agreement about the compensation too.

I also teach programming via Skype, so if you’re interested, I can help you to put meaning and financial stability back into your life.

So let’s listen together to some great music :

# Thinking about my loved ones…

# Working with a smile…

# Childhood memories…

# The man who sold his soul to the Devil, at the crossroads, to be the best delta blues guitar player that ever lived. Feeling inspired….

Yours truly,

Nicholas G. Merrynote

CEO and founder of Coffeebooksong Studios


22 Nov. 2012 ~ 22 Nov. 2013 Coffeebooksong Studios celebrates it’s 1st anniversary

Hello ! How are you ?

Well, it’s our birthday, and we can barely hold our excitement.

Last year on 22 November 2012 I started Coffeebooksong Studios to offer a place of deep happiness, where people can find love, peace, hope and inspiration to change the world.

My team and I worked very hard to deliver just this, with every story.

Twelve months, an average of 5 “Excellent” grades per story, hundreds of shares on Facebook and Twitter, incredibly positive reader feedback and a solid subscriber base later, Coffeebooksong Studios is ever more determined to continue its mission and help build a better world through its strong values and proven success.

On this very special day, my artists and I would like to send a special thanks to the people who belied in our vision for all this time.

Your love, care, valuable and cherished feedback, made us every time, truly happy, as for your subscriptions they gave us the strength to create the amazing things we’ve been talking about, in our case, the stories.

Please keep sending this feedback as often as you can, honest and critique-constructive.
It’s the best gift we can ever receive from anyone.

Speaking of gifts, we created something for you just as special,not to mention cool : a Big treasure hunt game !

So yes! you’re going to have a blast with your friends or family, yes! you’ll use your smarts and curiosity more than ever and yes! you’re going to win our amazing prizes !

First, click on the image below, ( if it’s not using all of your screen space, click again on the picture ) , use right-click, choose -> “Save as…” from the menu, select a folder from your local machine, and click “Save”.

Now go to this folder, open the picture and zoom in as much as you need to see the instructions well enough.

Read and follow them carefully, figure out each of the symbols, solve the riddle and mail us your result at .

The best 3 answers, even if they are not 100% correct , will receive a beautiful, personal, hand-made gift from Coffeebooksong Studios. We’ll handle the delivery charges too.

There’s one more thing.

I was wondering… do you like jazz ? …

See you soon,

Nicholas G. Merrynote
Founder and CEO of Coffeebooksong Studios


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3. Thank you for your understanding.

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Coffeebooksong Studios wishes you …

happy halloween

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