The 7th playlist – 8…15th May 2017

Hi there, yeah…. I know…. and I’m sorry.

I’m starting a new section in this blog, a music playlist to inspire you through the week, it’s the best I can do for now.

I noted a few words to go with all the songs, just like a few lines you write to your loved ones when you’re sending a postcard from a faraway place…

Please tell me what you think about them, rate this post by using this link, share, subscribe and come help me to work on this blog, so that together we can inspire people to do great things. I am sure we can come to some agreement about the compensation too.

I also teach programming via Skype, so if you’re interested, I can help you to put meaning and financial stability back into your life.

So let’s listen together to some great music :

# Thinking about my loved ones…

# Working with a smile…

# Childhood memories…

# The man who sold his soul to the Devil, at the crossroads, to be the best delta blues guitar player that ever lived. Feeling inspired….

Yours truly,

Nicholas G. Merrynote

CEO and founder of Coffeebooksong Studios


Classic. Iconic. Brand new

For short, we have our hands so tight with different problems, that’s harder and harder to write the stories as good as we want them to be, and that implies a lot of time, that we just don’t have available now for this amazing project, and as honesty and close contact with our dear reads will always be part of the Coffeebooksong Studios values, we regret to inform you that our future stories will be as short as this, until things will be back on track for us.

Of all the things this incredible studio can produce, we decided to stick to music, as it is the thing we couldn’t live without, and apparently literature also, right ?
So beware of the insanely great tunes that are about to come up, as soon as we have a spare moment.
As always we would really appreciate a sincere, critique comment about our thoughts on it and if you loved the song.

The tune we have for today is so good, so different and so full of passion that even we had a hard time deciding if it actually comes from a person, let alone a beautiful child.

In just two minutes, she brought us joy, peace, hope and made the moments spent listening to her again and again, a blessing.

Be ready to rock your boots off as miss Harriet Whitehead will remake, a classic.

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: Video material property of BBC.