An eternal Inspiration. Crown Princess Margareta of Romania


Greetings our dear readers. How are you ?

Right now we are celebrating a great event here in Romania!

Today, 26 of March, our Crown Princess Margareta of Romania was born!

Indeed, it’s our great honor to send from the bottom of their hearts a wish of “Happy Birthday!” to Her Royal Highness, and express thoughts of good health, happiness and strength to carry on, in Her Royal Highness personal and professional life.

We thank her greatly for all the kindness, respect and impeccable service of country, Her Royal Highness has always shown, but most of all for being a role model for all of us, Romanians and people outside Romania.

Our gift is a song that we hope to inspire Your Highness to achieve all your goals for 2013, bring joy, and remember us.

We will always be at Your service Crown Princess Margareta, any time, any where, any place.

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Your humble servants,
Coffeebooksong Studios artists

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