Changing winds

Hello there,

You did find the story ! Hope it didn’t get you too much time searching through all the envelopes for the right one.

So, welcome to the new location.

Why we had to move is a long story, but for short, the old location,, is as good as gone, and all our stories will be offered to you here.

It’s been an amazing week for us at the studio, we deeply appreciate the you great feedback, and we have an inspiring artist to talk about next.

We thought that this story was about her, but as the tables turned, it’s about our small, fun and creative studio and how he must respond to change. We re-branded our studio with the name Coffeebooksong Studios , got our laptops running, edged our pencils, turned the volume up to hear an inspiring  song, went to work, and never looked back on what happened.

And so, tonight the studio produced two great stories, and offered you again a great song that we couldn’t love more.

My dear reader I want you to join me and thank my team for carrying all their tasks to perfection.

Don’t forget to inspire others.

Your chief executive story architect,

Nicholas Merrynote