Eurovision 2013 through Coffeebooksong eyes

Hello our darlings, how are you ?

We’re talking about a huge event in every nation’s history for many years now. The Eurovison !

With huge projects raising for and after the show, like ABBA for instance, it was one of the finest shows we had ever saw, much like The Voice in our modern days.

After a few years we realized that the winning songs were becoming more and more commercial, with less and less substance, stunning talent, and that warm deep joy that can reach all the way down to every molecule of your body and get you off your chair and dance.
Even more horrible, the neighbor countries were giving the 12 points to one another, or to countries that were once in the same area of influence as they were.
And so many of us stopped supporting such a defiance of common sense and respect for beauty, challenge and positive, meaningful messages.

As my aunt came this weekend, she insisted to see the final of Eurovision with my parents, and as the room where I gathered my artists to talk about this week’s post was close to the loud TV, we could hear some of the songs which made us deeply think about rewriting the post we had in mind for today.

After some debates, we decided to review and display five performances that can raise up to the Coffeebooksong Studios standards: a deep song, with a positive meaningful message, full of passion, delivered through a captivating, confident tone, completed by an amazing stage presence. And this is just the top of the list.

First, is our county’s participant, Cezar Oatu.

The amazing Romanian artist gave a smashing performance and yet again showcased a perfect example of pure talent, stage presence and acting, singing both as a tenor and a counter-tenor while his passion and dedication added even more charm to the song and to the overall performance.

And so, Coffeebooksong Studios would like to congratulate our artist for making us extremely proud of being Romanians and would like to offer him the “Coffeebooksong Studios Inspiring Person of the Year” award for exceptional displaying of Romanian talent, values and honor.

For all of you who don’t know Cezar Oatu’s insanely great work, we have the video for you from last night and we hope you love it, as much as we do:

The winner of this year’s competition, is a different story, and was called by our studio’s artists, the Beauty of Denmark.

Indeed Emmelie de Forest’s loveliness reminded us, of the kind of beauty, that would cause nations to go to war against one another for the Right to ask for her hand in marriage, her innocence would tame the most terrifying of the lost barbarian kings, and her voice could make the roses blossom in the hardest of winters.

In our opinion, however, the song choice was week, very “cold”, totally not suited for a girl who appeared so sensible, the act as a performer was almost non-existent, the message was simple and obvious, the song line was very predictable, we felt that she could have put more passion into the song, and that she could have given a lot more if she had a song that would have challenged more in terms of vocal technique and song line creativity.

So clearly we don’t agree at with the Eurovision fans and judges in making her the winner of this year’s competition, but we congratulate her for officially winning such an important competition so early in her career and for passing every obstacle this competition implied.

Going to the podium now, sparkling on our golden #3 place, it’s a song from a neighbor country of Romania, it’s … all in our next post.

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Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: All the videos in this blog post are property of Eurovision TV.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. A
    May 29, 2013 @ 19:11:53

    I like the way you stated your opinion..I find it quite balanced, you do not really seem a true fan of the Eurovision, as an event, it has both positive and negative aspects. I agree with the first lines, that the event is solving more political issues between the countries than cultural ones…and this leads to less enthusiasm from the people voting.
    I cannot agree though with the appreciation towards our artist…if you say that the Danish choice was cold, let’s say that the Romanian one was too hot for a guy and painting his world in blue and being dressed a little black dress was a bit weird:)))..however, the atmosphere was nice, intriguing and I cannot deny his talent..
    I also think that you cannot say that the winner is of great innocence, beauty and coldness in the same time…her empathy is not that bad :)…
    Have a nice day and great inspiration :)!


    • Nicholas Merrynote
      May 29, 2013 @ 21:13:46

      Hello again! Thank you for taking your time to read our work so carefully, we deeply appreciate it and you made our day. We absolutely adored Cezar’s costume, although we would have chosen a different fabric, and we say it clearly stood out as different in a good way. The contrast of blue and red it not our favorite one also, but all in all the performance was an insanely great job in many aspects. As for the Beauty of Denmark, we said that ” The Song Choice was week, very “cold” …”, not the singer. And when you say “great inspiration 🙂 !”, do you mean that our post was a great inspiration ? Thank you for everything. Come again soon, We are setting up a huge surprise!


  2. tramedipensieri
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 08:25:49

    Belle musiche…!
    un caro saluto


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