iRemember …

It’s been three years since the world lost the most beloved, charismatic, and prolific geniuses of last fifty years.

With this in mind, Coffeebooksong Studios is here to present its special tribute, as we use Apple products every day :

“Thank you for making beautiful, easy-to-use and smart computers for all of us with the cost of your own job.

Thank you for making the best music players ever, and because their beauty and fine materials made them inseparable from our ears, hands, wardrobe, and heart. We know that must have costed you many nights of sleep.

Thank you for making a better phone, that was really, smart and easy to use. Every time we use it, we stop to envy the actors that were cast in Star Wars films. We know it took the effort of changing many industries and business models.

Thank you for giving the best speech we ever heard. Easy to remember, to the point, and so meaningful. We are sure the time management to make it to the event and the effort to remember you recent tragedy must have been quite a stretch.
( Google it : steve jobs commencement speech 2005 )

Thank you for showing us how to present the most complicated of ideas, business plans, and products to people who don’t work in these fields. We know it took you and your staff at least three months of very hard work to come up with the most memorable product launches. This events are always a starting point for our own presentations.

Thank you for letting us write our own software for the devices we love most so that we can always accomplish new things while using an “old” great tool. What did you have to go through to carry out this great idea ? …

Thank you for being an eternal inspiration,

Steve Jobs ”


Next, we went out and searched the whole internet to bring you the ultimate documentary about Steve’s life, his legacy and his last wish.

Finally, we want to know, what did Steve Jobs meant to you ?

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