The second “Coffeebooksong Inspiration of the year” award goes to…


Hello dear all,

We have something incredible coming up, we’re asking for just a little more patience, to offer you the most inspiring materials we have Ever created and steal your hearts to join us in the most exciting, memorable and life-changing events we have ever presented.

In the mean time, we have just found this incredible artist, and after watching her performance three times in a row, we were just stunned…

Almost impossible to make such an impression on our “Mark Knopfler” studio team, for a 11-year-old child.

We still can’t believe it… and we thought we cut down right down to chase here and present you the new inspiration of the year 2013.

For her stunning confidence in her talent, for her “unreal” stage presence, for making the beautiful “Diamond” song Her Own! , for the courage to follow her heart and for all the hard work to achieve her dream, the Coffeebooksong Studios is proud to offer Miss Asanda Jazile, the “Coffeebooksong Inspiration of the year award”, the second most valuable award our studio has to offer.

Wrapping everything up in our Studio’s traditional colors, light blue, golden ribbon, small brown gift card, we are offering this incredible story to our dear readers with the deepest respect and sympathy, hoping it will inspire you to take action and change everything for the better as Asanda did.

You got everything to do this, and more.

Please do watch all the video, we didn’t shrink it for a good reason. Actually for many good reasons.

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: Video material and picture property of BBC.


Classic. Iconic. Brand new

For short, we have our hands so tight with different problems, that’s harder and harder to write the stories as good as we want them to be, and that implies a lot of time, that we just don’t have available now for this amazing project, and as honesty and close contact with our dear reads will always be part of the Coffeebooksong Studios values, we regret to inform you that our future stories will be as short as this, until things will be back on track for us.

Of all the things this incredible studio can produce, we decided to stick to music, as it is the thing we couldn’t live without, and apparently literature also, right ?
So beware of the insanely great tunes that are about to come up, as soon as we have a spare moment.
As always we would really appreciate a sincere, critique comment about our thoughts on it and if you loved the song.

The tune we have for today is so good, so different and so full of passion that even we had a hard time deciding if it actually comes from a person, let alone a beautiful child.

In just two minutes, she brought us joy, peace, hope and made the moments spent listening to her again and again, a blessing.

Be ready to rock your boots off as miss Harriet Whitehead will remake, a classic.

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: Video material property of BBC.

You are always on our minds

Just discovered this inspiring cover and it’s the way we feel.
Yes, right now you are on our minds, and always will be.

your Coffeebooksong artists