An ethernal inspiration. Her Royal Highness the late Queen Marie of Romania

regina maria

Hello dear readers,

Today marks a historic day for every one of us, but especially for Romanians.

On 29 october 1875, our late HRH Queen Maria of Romania was born in Eastwell, England, as the niece of the late HRH Queen Victoria of Great Britain and HRH Emperor Alexander II of Russia, and today we are honoring her memory.

She was the absolute best you could ask in an inspiring young princess, a visionary queen in charge, a war hero, a genius diplomat, a generous and able patron of arts, an incredibly gifted prose writer and painter, a great philanthropist, but above all she cared and protected us, day and night with the love of a mother…

75 years since her loss, she is still missed, still adored, still cherished, still an eternal source of inspiration for our present and future both in our private and professional lives.

There’s a lot more to say about this icon and loved lider of the early 20th century, but as the emphasis of this post is on inspiration we leave you to discover her journal, “The story of my life” in which you will find all the strength and comfort to pass your worst and a perfect role model to look up to. The link to the book is at the end of this post.

To your satisfaction we hope, we found a video made as an audio book of Queen Marie’s journal, together with inspiring beautiful pictures of the Queen and her beloved country, Romania.

Also … we were wondering … do you have a favorite Royal Head of state from past or present ?

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The link to buy Queen Marie’s incredible journal can be found here

Until next time,

We are sending you a lotta love from,

Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer: The video on this post is property of Youtube user LauraCristina21.


A time to give back like no other

The Coffeebooksong artists are taking a deep bow before our great king, King Michael I of Romania and our great queen, Queen Anne of Romania, and another deep bow before the entire Romanian Royal Family and wish them “Merry Christmas! and may you be healthy, peaceful and joyful all the days of your life. Thank you so much for your implacable service of the country, yet another year, and most of all for showing how much you love us through every single one of your public actions.”

To all our dear readers we express thoughts of good health, luck and great happiness coupled with a stronger desire to make the world a better place and give back to other people less fortunate starting with your local community.
Last but not least we hope you had the most wonderful Christmas ever and realizing that giving is so much rewarding than receiving, you gave love, patience, understanding, time, help, meaningful and beautiful your-hand-made gifts then ever before to your family and others in need of them.

Our gift to our inspiring King Michael I and royal family, beloved readers, family and friends is what else, great music.

This concert has one song that is part of our bucket list philosophy, and the rest of them are the only ones that lately are getting us through tough times in our personal lives.

We couldn’t deliver a more personal and inspiring gift, with lots of love from your,

Coffeebooksong artists

Disclaimer : Picture property of, song and video material property of Mark Knopfler