An ethernal inspiration. Her Royal Highness the late Queen Marie of Romania

regina maria

Hello dear readers,

Today marks a historic day for every one of us, but especially for Romanians.

On 29 october 1875, our late HRH Queen Maria of Romania was born in Eastwell, England, as the niece of the late HRH Queen Victoria of Great Britain and HRH Emperor Alexander II of Russia, and today we are honoring her memory.

She was the absolute best you could ask in an inspiring young princess, a visionary queen in charge, a war hero, a genius diplomat, a generous and able patron of arts, an incredibly gifted prose writer and painter, a great philanthropist, but above all she cared and protected us, day and night with the love of a mother…

75 years since her loss, she is still missed, still adored, still cherished, still an eternal source of inspiration for our present and future both in our private and professional lives.

There’s a lot more to say about this icon and loved lider of the early 20th century, but as the emphasis of this post is on inspiration we leave you to discover her journal, “The story of my life” in which you will find all the strength and comfort to pass your worst and a perfect role model to look up to. The link to the book is at the end of this post.

To your satisfaction we hope, we found a video made as an audio book of Queen Marie’s journal, together with inspiring beautiful pictures of the Queen and her beloved country, Romania.

Also … we were wondering … do you have a favorite Royal Head of state from past or present ?

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The link to buy Queen Marie’s incredible journal can be found here

Until next time,

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Disclaimer: The video on this post is property of Youtube user LauraCristina21.


Sacrifice Win Violin. Back to the drawing board.

As the title says, we are taking a different approach to the story, so for the moment we are working really hard on a new version.

What happened ?

We were in a pretty big mess Friday night, and so we started doing the things we love most, like playing the guitar, taking pictures, and tried get our minds off it.

I turned my attention to a socialization platform, so to seek out new brands that we want to associate our name with, and I discovered a treasure.
Not sure about it, I read the full article and got a close attention to the picture it was about. It filled my heart with joy, pride of being a Romanian and the miracle happened. I was inspired. By whom ? Well, it’s a story of its own, but for short a wonderful child of this great country won a pretty big competition. Hope we have the chance to get her an interview and have her art displayed.

Shining even more than a diamond ring in the lights of a russian palace ballroom, I called my artists and explained them my idea.

If only you could see their faces…they were so touched by the drawing that I was referring that all of them decided to draw his own version of the image.

Normally in this case I should have look for great music to go with one or more of their drawings, but as the music they have chosen to work on was so appealing to me, their faces shined more and more touched by their passion for paper wood and color and as our nation’s child drawing kept fascinating my eyes and heart, I couldn’t resist and join them table bringing my tools for creating inspiring work.

But as we sketched for two hours in a row, we were not making any progress in terms of Coffeebooksong standards, which are higher than a fighter jet can fly.

Discouraged, we decided to take a walk, just go out and enjoy the peace. solitude and listen to the inspiring sound of night.

We returned late, but I have persuaded my wizards that their efforts were most cherished and you, our dear reader, will forgive us for not delivering on time.

Couldn’t close an eye all night, haunted by the fact we let you all down.

We expect nothing else than perfection in everything we do from concept to final version, and when you don’t have a formal training on any art subject that we do, it’s a risk that what you are trying to create may take longer than expected.

Got off from bed, went to the drawing board, and not even realizing I searched for the song that was sang on the battlefields of World War I by our musical genius who we mentioned in our last teaser. Willing to go to war with nothing but a violin to heal the inside wounds of your brothers who fight for your better tomorrow…

By instinct I started sketching a book, and what I have discovered…it shall be shared with you soon.

For now I can only say that I stayed up 5 hours that rest of the night and yesterday another 6 hours. It’s coming out pretty nice, got some amazing feedback from my wizards and from other experts, and I am sure you’ll love it.

I can’t wait to share…

As we say goodnight, we offer you one of music’s best rock-blues songs of all time, but with a new different acoustic touch.

The song title says it all,

Nicholas Merrynote
Founder of Coffeebooksong Studios

Disclaimer : Coffeebooksong Studios is not promoting or supporting the strong language and behaviour of the band in this video. Video material property of G’N’R.

…a nation arose from the bone dust of its great heroes to become as powerful as ever …a great king erased from its family’s history for fulfilling a 300 year old dream …a genius who went to war with nothing but a violin …whispered …this Thursday night…

Picture property of Alice X. Zhang.